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slow-drying glossy PVC ink
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GUBI:11 series of slow-drying glossy PVC ink
Glossy, full tint, good printing property and fine covering power
11 series is a kind of slow-drying glossy PVC silk screen printing ink. It has vivid color and fine covering power. The ink is exquisite, the ink layer is soft, the printing property is good, there is no silk drawing for silk screen printing, the ink can be used for printing in large area, and it can achieve forming through suction.
Applied rangeApplied range
The ink is applicable to printing such plastic materials as PVC, and can be applied for such industries as toy, packing, advertising, stationery and so on.
Method of use Method of use
Diluent: Based on the printing mode and ambient conditions, diluent (about 10%) is added for regulating the ink consistency.
For natural drying (25℃), it will take about 10 min to achieve surface drying, and it will take more 24 for drying hard.
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